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Engin-Us company is viewed as a strategic partner to its customers.

Our specialization includes but not limited to; heavy machinery, industrial supplies, spare parts and much more. Our experiences and knowledgeable staff give us a competitive advantage as well as established relations with various developers manufacturers and a fast number of corporations worldwide.

This wide network allows to transport/ship our products faster anywhere in the worldwide. These elements are very dear to the core values of our existence. Engin-Us imposes effectively three essential values that are the satisfaction of our customers, the quality services and the team spirit.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, all services and products supplied by our company are expected to meet or surpass our customer expectation. Our proactive approach to customer satisfaction involves; constant monitoring of our products and services and provide additional sales support.

Excellent Service Quality

This objective can be achieved through the establishment of impeccable service. Engin-us and its well known partners have created state of the art supply chain management that makes it possible for us deliver goods faster than our competitors.


Team Spirit

At Engin-Us, we conduct business in a team spirit. We consider our customers, suppliers and shippers part of our team. The common aim, the parties must interact seamlessly and efficiently to meet each party’s demands.


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Core Values

At any given time or with any project we undertake, we stick to the spirit our founding values which are: quality of service, customer satisfaction and team spirit.



Our representatives are available to assist you with orders and any questions and concerns you may have.